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“Три Слона(トゥリスラナー)”は弊社、株式会社シルムが世界で販売する一般ユーザ向けの傘のブランドです。
私達のこの“Три Слона(トゥリスラナー)”というブランド名とロゴの名のもとに、顧客への高品質な商品を提供するために、品質管理と検査を徹底して行なっています。

“Три Слона(トゥリスラナー)”は北米、南米、ヨーロッパ、中近東および
アジアで展開し、日本では“3匹の象”、ロシアでは“Три Слона(トゥリスラナー)”というブランド名で展開しています。

“Три Слона(TRI SLONA)” is one of the biggest and well-known manufactures of
umbrellas in the world- “SILM Co.,Ltd.”(Osaka Japan)
“SILM Co.,Ltd.” was established in 1888 before we export umbrellas to 75 countries.
“Три Слона(TRI SLONA)”trade mark was introduced in 1888.
Origin of our trade mark based on two main facts the first country to which we sold our umbrellas was India,where elephant is sacred animal,But in Japan “3” is lucky number.
All these we include in the name of our trade mark.
In order to supply customers with high quality products.
We attach great importance to quality control and inspection.
We sell our umbrellas under “Три Слона(TRI SLONA)” trade mark in North and South America,Europe,Middle East and Asia,under “SANZO”trade mark in Japan,and under
“Три Слона(TRI SLONA)” trade mark in Russia.
We sell “Три Слона(TRI SLONA)” umbrellas on Russia and the former republics of the Soviet Union's market since 1970.
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