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当社 個人情報担当責任者

・ お問合せ・ご相談・修理・サポートへの対応、確認及び記録
・ ご案内状・電子メール等による商品・サービス・キャンペーン等の情報提供
・ 商品の発送
・ 商品開発その他サービスの改善・向上      

・ ご本人様のご同意がある場合
・ 生命・身体又は財産の保護のために必要であり、ご本人様のご同意を得ることが困難である場合
・ 利用目的の達成に必要な範囲内で、個人情報の取扱いの全部又は一部を第三者に委託する場合(当社は、委託先の選定に配慮するとともに、個人情報の取扱いに関する契約を締結する等して、個人情報の漏洩・滅失・改ざんの防止を図り、必要に応じて委託先に対して監督・指導等を行います)
・ 合併その他の理由による事業の承継に伴い、個人情報を提供する場合
・ 法令等により認められている場合



[Privacy Policy]

Considering the importance of personal information (information such as name, address,phone number, etc., that can identify an individual, including information that can identify an individual in combination with other information. Hereinafter referred to as “personal information”), our company will protect personal information by complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the Privacy Policy, and appropriately managing the personal information of customers.

1. Our company will appropriately obtain personal information.
2. Our company will state the purpose of use and handle personal information within the stated limits.
3. In order to safely manage personal information, our company will take necessary and appropriate steps.
4. Unless specified, our company will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party.
5. Our company will respond appropriately when an individual contacts our company representative about references, correction or suspension of use, and deletion of personal information.

[Matters Disclosed under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information]

Our company shall disclose the following information in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

1. Personal Information Handling Trade and Personal Information Protection
Manager Person responsible for personal information of our company.

2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
Our company will use personal information from individuals only for the following purposes.
Personal Information on customers
・Responses to inquiries, consultations, repairs and supports, confirmation and records.
・Supply of information on products, services, and campaigns by means of a letter of invitation or e-mail.
・Sending of products and product development,improve and enhance service.

3. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Our company will not provide personal information to a third party except in the following cases.
・In the event the person has agreed.
・In the event it is necessary to protect life, body or assets, and it is difficult to obtain that person’s agreement.
・In the event the handling of personal information is consigned in whole or in part to a third party within the scope necessary to fulfill the purpose of use (Our company will promote the prevention of leakage, loss, or falsification of personal information by giving consideration to the selection of the consigned party, concluding an agreement on the handling of personal information at the same time,and issuing direction and guidance to the consigned party as necessary).
・In the event our company provides personal information with the succession of a business due to merger or for any other reason.
・In the event it is permitted under the laws.

4. Inquiries about Reference, Correction, Suspension of Use, and Deletion of Personal Information

Upon receipt of a request for reference, correction, suspension of use, deletion of personal information, our company will confirm the identity of the person through a specified procedure before promptly responding. Concerning inquiries on the personal information,please contact the Contact Person on our company’s webpage.

5. Others

Our company may change or revise information such as the Matters Disclosed under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information above without prior notice, in order to change the management of our efforts on the protection of personal information, or respond to alteration of the laws.

Best Regards,